Transport and Outdoor Advertising Space Rates in Singapore

To ensure we uphold our reputation as a leader in the industry, we are committed to offering innovative campaigns at highly competitive prices. At Moove Media, we offer a huge selection of out-of-home advertising platforms with a fleet* of 17,000 taxis and 3,000 buses, along with 16 bus hubs, 16 NEL train stations, 18 DTL train stations and premium ambient sites across the island. Based on your needs and budget, we can tailor a strategy that addresses your requirements and puts you in the best possible position.

* Accurate as of time of publication

Promote your brand using transport space


By giving your business exposure on one of the many trains, buses, bus hubs and taxis throughout Singapore, you can reach out to millions of commuters during. With Moove, you can make sure your message is heard by your target audience and make an impact that drives you towards further success. Below are just some of the options we have available throughout the transport sector at an affordable advertising space rate:


  • Image painted on whole body or rear surface only
  • Additional 3D panels or features


  • Wholly painted
  • Moove Jewel showcase

North East Line:

  • Concept pillars
  • Escalator crowns
  • Plasma TV wrap

Downtown Line:

  • Platform doors
  • In-train TVs and stickers
  • Wallscapes

Heartland Hubs:

  • 2D/3D standee
  • Digital kiosks

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Click on the link below to view the Ratebook, featuring our transport advertising space rate in Singapore which will guide you through what Moove can help your business achieve. If you would like to find out more, get in touch with our team at +65 6383 7035 or fill up our contact form.

Choose Moove and enjoy affordable outdoor advertising rates for your out-of-home campaigns in Singapore.

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