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Moove Media’s In-House Printing Goes Green


19 April 2012 – The Company behind the famous grazing cows goes Green. In line with the Green Statement that its parent company, ComfortDelGro Corporation Limited, had issued in 2007, Moove Media Ltd, has become the first amongst transit media owners in Singapore to switch its current large-format hard-solvent ink printing machines for environmentally friendly ones.

The new eco-solvent printing machine uses an eco-friendly grade of mild-solvent ink that emits about 50% less fumes and odour during printing. This creates a safer and more comfortable working environment in that the production team, which used to wear masks, no longer needs to do so now.

And these environmentally friendly printers are by no means less than their predecessors. With finer touch points and better accuracy of up to 1,440 dpi, they are able to produce more refined images in richer and more vibrant colours, while reducing the risks of uneven printing.

Said Mrs Jayne Kwek, Chief Executive Officer of Moove: “This is an improvement from previous printing machines, and a valuable pitching point for us as forerunners in the industry. Moreover, the switch to eco-solvent ink printing machines demonstrates our care for the environment, as well as the well-being of our staff.”


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