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Moove Media Brings IKEA’s Pretty, Smart Kitchen to Life


10 July 2012 – Fancy having a kitchen display come to life right in the middle of the transit area of a busy train station? Commuters passing through SBS Transit Ltd’ Dhoby Ghaut North East Line (NEL) Station will not only be able to see a two-dimensional kitchen display, but they will also be able to watch and hear the automatic opening and closing of kitchen cabinets and drawers. These visual and sound effects are part of Moove Media’s inaugural multi-sensory advertising platform that it has introduced to make IKEA’s “The Complete Kitchen Living – Pretty, Smart Kitchen” campaign, which was conceptualized by Lowe Singapore, come to life.

This multi-sensory advertising platform projects a two-dimensional kitchen display on a 35 square metres wall. Commuters walking near the projector would be able to hear the sound as a kitchen cabinet door or drawer opens up to showcase the amount of kitchenware an IKEA kitchen can store.

Said Mrs Jayne Kwek, CEO, Moove Media: “This is just one of many innovative ways in which Moove communicates a client’s advertising message to its consumers. In this instance, we could not have the real exhibit, but we wanted IKEA’s kitchen to come to life right in front of the commuters, so we added the animation and sound effects.”

Mr Kenneth Setiono, Assistant Marketing Manager of IKANO, felt the effects were aptly used for this particular advertising campaign. He said: “This new and exciting OOH execution is very apt for portraying the perfect combination of beauty and brains of the IKEA kitchen. Hence, “Pretty, Smart Kitchen”.

Ms Srija Chatterjee, Regional Business Director, Lowe Singapore, added: “We are very excited at being able to showcase the “Pretty Smart Kitchen” in a truly innovative way that makes the campaign come alive in a unique fashion.”


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