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Moove Media helps HTC bring “Amazing Camera, Authentic Sound” to commuters


19 June 2012 – Moove Media, Singapore’s leading Out-of-Home advertising transit operator, has been chosen for a second consecutive time by Asian telecom giant HTC for the launch of their latest smartphone, HTC One X.

Expanding from their previous campaign, HTC harnessed the mass visibility of Moove’s Out-of-Home advertising spaces in promoting their new smartphone, across its Bus, Taxi and NEL Station platforms. In a bid to captivate commuters’ attention with impactful and large-scale dominance, the campaign was also enhanced with larger-than-life 2D Panel images of the phones attached on the sides of single-deck buses as well as 2D Tops seated on top a fleet of Taxis.

HTC’s larger-than-life advertising campaign on Moove Media’s platforms is a testament to what mobile phone users can expect from the HTC One X smartphone, promising to deliver ‘Amazing Camera, Authentic Sound’ with one device. The new smartphone features a state-of-the-art Media Link HD Display, improved image capturing abilities, richer audio experiences and a high-speed quad-core Nvidia Chip, all packed into a highly durable polycarbonate unibody.

Kathleen Goy, Marketing Communication Manager for HTC Singapore said: “Moove Media has enabled us to achieve what we are committed to – driving the most innovative and compelling smartphone experiences to our customers – by giving our innovations a prime avenue where they can speak for themselves.”

“Moove Media is proud to partner with HTC once more in the launch of their latest HTC One smartphone, where we are able to help the brand communicate its desired messages successfully, across our platforms. The campaign has the ability to dominate and catch the attention of commuters, especially with our larger-than-life moving billboards on our Buses and Taxis”, said Jayne Kwek, CEO of Moove Media.

Experience what the new HTC One X smartphone has to offer at any HTC authorised retail partner stores today.


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