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In the modern age of consumerism and technology, marketing campaigns must stand out from the competition with truly innovative strategies. Moove Media helps businesses and organisations from all over Singapore with a variety of outdoor advertising solutions with larger-than-life billboards on anything from taxis, buses, bus hubs to North East (NEL) and Downtown (DTL) train stations.

Everything from MRT to bus to bus hubs and taxis


Moove was established in 2005 when Comfort Ads and SBS Transit Advertising combined in a merger. As the major advertising arm of ComfortDelGro Corporation Ltd — one of the largest passenger land transport companies in the world — Moove has access to an immense fleet of taxis, buses, bus hubs. ComfortDelGro operates across 30 cities in seven countries, with a global fleet of 46,000 vehicles that serve more than 1.5 billion passengers each year. With the new Downtown Line in operation and the bustle of the Northeast Line, MRT advertising campaigns can reach all new heights and get your message to millions of commuters.

Our vision

“We are passionate about People and Work, Creating Magic, Simply the Best!”

Our company vision is epitomised in our motto “Moove is More”. We are all about providing you with more choices, more ideas, more mileage and more fun.

Our team is proud to be at the forefront of the industry, delivering out-of-home advertising campaigns with that extra ‘Oomph!’ and ‘Zest!’ to distinguish ourselves from the competition.

Our out-of-home advertising solutions in Singapore have transformed the way both businesses and individuals think about marketing by improving public perception through innovative and creative executions from buses to taxis and everything in between.

Our work has attracted the attention of numerous industry bodies with awards such as ‘Most Effective Outdoor Media Plan’ and ‘Best Experiential Marketing Campaigns’.

Our logo

“Moove”, as a word, represents the fluid and adaptive nature of our service — our MRT and bus advertising, taxi advertising and bus hub advertising solutions in Singapore can keep up with the changing needs of any brand and achieve the best possible result with the investment.

Creativity is a fundamental element of our approach and is evident in our mascot, the leaping cow. The cow, or better known as the cash cow, is considered a symbol of economic prosperity and drives us to develop new ideas with a focus on real success. Dream, imagine, create and excite with Moove!

The design of the logo itself embraces the concept that simplicity is the father of creativity, with a colour scheme that is both versatile and eye-catching. The simple, clean lines we use to depict the leaping cow emphasise our sense of fun, creativity and enthusiasm, while the double M brushstroke demonstrates movement and vitality.

Our Promise

We are continually striving to enhance the development of our clients, staff and partners to ensure our out-of-home advertising campaigns remain at the forefront of the industry. Our team has genuine passion and pride in their work, and is dedicated to showing style, enthusiasm and enjoyment on each and every project.

“We deliver what matters to you!”

Moove Media Logo

Moove Media Logo


Moove’s office in Singapore

Moove’s office in Singapore

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